What music do we play for the dance?

Danceable music! We’ll play a music that is lyrical, has a strong beat, and allows for the essential connection lag (i.e., music that is just as compelling, but is smoother and less aggressive than popular dance music). The music will come from various genres and eras, from blues to jazz to the latest billboard toppers. We will feature renowned local and visiting DJs to provide different moods and expressions of Fusion – but throughout, we’ll strive for a certain musical coherence.

Want to DJ for us?

Are you interested in DJing for Angel City Fusion? Awesome; we’re glad to hear it! Angel City Fusion encourages new styles and genres as well as first-time DJs. We want all of our DJs to be as comfortable as possible, and to that measure, we present our DJ policy which outlines expectations, guidance, and common practices for DJs.

Bryson Daich
Bryson Daich started Djing for the Utah Lindy Hop and Blues scene. He has played at events in Sacramento, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, and more. He enjoys makng the floor move to his wide range of music.
Can Aksoy
Can Aksoy widely DJs for dance competitions and social dancing events for Santa Barbara Cotillion Dance Group, the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company. He brings his thirteen years of experience as a social and competitive dancer to all his sets, offering eclectic music packed with unexpected moments, energy shifts, all of which is personally edited and arranged for ease of dancing. Look for the custom mash-ups he creates for each set!
Christine has been passionately dancing for over 16 years everything from lindy to blues, west coast, contemporary, tango, salsa, waltz and ballet. Her favorite is the slow and sexy music that ignites an expressive fire on the dance floor. She values creativity, laughter and positivity in the world of dance. Her motto is: Choose to find beauty in everyone and let the power of dance heal your heart. She teaches and organizes the blues room at Atomic every Friday night.
Jennifer Bielinski
Jennifer started dancing in ’94 and now loves to dj so others can experience the joy of dancing to fun, playful and memorable music.
Jeska Riddell
Jeska has been a regular in the blues scene since 2012. A regular dance traveler, she’s always expanding her knowledge and appreciation for traditional blues and different scene cultures. Having been introduced to the blues dance scene at a SLO house party, that spirit has never left Jeska’s taste in dance music. You can expect blues, alt-blues, R&B, blues rock, EDM, and the unexpected. You may have heard her at LA Fusion, Blooze Party, and Bohemian Blues.
Joe Lin
Hailing from the east side of Canada, Joe developed his musical tastes in cities with thriving live jazz and blues scenes and has been an avid dancer for many years. He initially honed his DJ skills keeping dancers up past the rising sun at late-night house parties. Since then he has DJ’ed at many venues and weekend events. He enjoys dancing to a range of music from traditional blues to contemporary and likes to mix a variety of music in his sets.
Kennith Mark
Kennith started swing dancing at the derby during the great neo-swing age of the late 90’s. In 2005, he started to dance blues. In 2006, he started “Speakeasy Blues”, LA’s first weekly swing dance venue to feature Blues Dancing. His DJ credits included Do Something Blue, Atomic Ballroom, Utah Lindy Exchange, Arcadia Blues Club, Blue Bella, The Juke, and 24 hour Dance-a-Thon. Now he is a regular DJ at Groovy Blues and Lindy Groove’s Blues Room. He believes a DJ needs to be flexible and adaptive. His DJ philosophy is to mix things up and to try to give something for everyone. Above all, the music should be all about the dancers but not the DJ.
Lani Olsen
AKA DJ jubilations, has been dancing as long as she can remember. Partial to heart beat bass, Lani loves to surprise her dance floor with exotic rhythms, nostalgic favorites, and new and exciting sounds. You may have heard her at Blues Liberation Front, Lindy Groove, LA Fusion, and City in Motion.
Mija Valdez
Mija took her very first partner dance class (Ballroom and Social Dancing) in January of 2009, and it was love at first. After heading into Salsa for two and a half years, purely by happenstance, she ended up in her first Blues class and then experienced Fusion for the first time, which was just this huge moment – dancing and the music that she loved to be together. In an effort to learn more about Fusion, she started the Fusion Playlist Hit or Miss on Facebook and started DJ’ing in the fall of 2011 at LA Fusion. She was also a DJ at Jam and Blues, Big Bad Blues and City in Motion. Now she is perpetually bemused by and deeply appreciative of the magic that happens when the floor and the DJ flow into sync with each other. She loves to bring music that has unusual and fun rhythms, evokes expression, or is just generally eargasmic to the dance floor.
Pyro has been a music afficionado for his whole life. He has been dancing for 15 years, and partner dancing for 7 years, and has transitioned this love of music into finding only the newest and baddest songs for fusion dancers for 4 years now. You’ll find him often playing songs with beautiful melodies and vocals, and interesting drum patterns with strong pulses, perfect for whatever style of dancing you bring to the dancefloor!